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Isaiah Evens

"On October 5, 2013, Isaiah was in a terrible bike accident. My first look at Isaiah I could see he had trauma to his mouth.

On the way to the emergency room I promised Isaiah that we would fix his mouth no matter what, although I really had no idea how.

At nine years old, Isaiah had almost all of his adult teeth. In the accident he had not only dislodged his front left tooth, he also impacted his right front tooth. It looked as if it was broken off at the gum.

At the emergency room, the ER doctor pushed Isaiah's dislodged tooth back into his gum. We were sent home and I was on a mission to find a miracle.

I found a miracle that morning, Dr. Oberheim! At first I wasn't sure how orthodontics was going to help. I thought of orthodontics as just a way of straightening teeth.

Dr. Oberheim explained how he could help bring down Isaiah's impacted tooth and secure the tooth that was dislodged in the accident.

He was truly amazing! Because of Dr. Oberheim and his excellent staff, Isaiah has a healthy and
beautiful smile.

— Beth Evens

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